Help us on our mission to help empower individuals to make more sustainable shopping choices. It's quick and easy to get started, you only need your phone.


How to sell

  • Create an account

  • Upload images of your items

  • Set a Price

  • Add a description

  • Add variants if needed

  • Set fulfillment method(s) and done!

After the item sells, the order has to be marked as fulfilled before funds are automatically deposited. Envly uses Stripe, a world-leading payment platform to handle all transactions swiftly and securely.

Why Envly?

List for free 

It's free to list items and there are zero transaction fees. We only take an 8% commission on sold items.

Reach a new audience and increase sales

Grow your customers and boost awareness by getting your items in front of more conscious shoppers across Canada.

Compliment existing sales channels

Envly is not intended to replace existing platform or tools that you currently use to run your business (at least not yet 😃) but instead compliment them.

Easily manage your store

Manage listings, orders, customers and more with ease.

Always get paid on time

Envly handles all the complexities that come with collecting and processing payments to make sure you always get paid out on time, all the time.

For the small and independent business

Envly exist to help small and independent businesses who are committed to delivering products that have a positive impact on the planet. Envly will help you grow and get more visibility.

Offer Pickup or Delivery

You can offer customers the option to get the options to pick up their item or get it delivered. Nearby customers picking up can save and cut emissions 👍