Change starts with each and everyone of us

The world is changing fast, and we wish we could tell you that it was for the better, but that's not the case. The environment and our climate is changing in part due to our shopping habits which for the most part is unsustainable.
We rely so much more on wants and not needs. Cheap and fast products are valued more than ethical and sustainable products.
This is changing with more people looking for where to shop intentionally. The problem though is that many don't know where to start from. We faced the same issue. In a world where there was an app for almost anything, why was it hard to find one that could help you shop sustainably? That was the problem we set out to solve and our solution was Envly (short for Environmentally friendly).

Our mission

Our goal is to help empower sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles globally. This is just the beginning.

Envly is one step in the right direction

Envly is a new approach to shopping sustainably. Built for the next-generation of intentional shoppers, who care about the impact of their purchases on the planet. Finally, an app that helps people shop sustainably without having to look too far. No futzing, no fiddling, no stress. Effortlessly making the world a better place.

The Team

Tolu Alebiosu
Co-Founder & Lead Product Designer
Faizah Balogun
Co-Founder & Operations Manager
Tomiwa Olasoko
Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Fatima Ashfaq
Graphic Design Intern
Debbie Ansong
Marketing Intern

FUN FACT: Envly was born from a conversation after class. Now we’re hundreds of users in and the most amazing part of this journey is watching what was once an idea turn into a reality.

SDG goals